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I need to build a simple custom board job portal (for a specific job field)

Here are the details :

[+] We have 4 roles : job seeker, employee, admins & moderators

=> we need to affect permissions to each moderator (not all moderators have the same permissions)

[+] The plateform details :

1 – A job seeker can browse the jobs, and apply for a job.

2 – The Employee will not know that someone applied to the job, until an admin check and approve the application.

3 – The admin can transfer the application to another job/employee.

4 – The admin can affect a job seeker to a specific job.

5 – Once the job seeker/application is affected to a job, an invoice must be generated to the employee, and a pending payment request is generated to the job seeker.

6 – The job seeker will finish the work, the employee will pay us, and we will pay the job seeker.

7 – Both the employee and the job seeker will review each others (with admin approval).

PS : we should send a notification (email/sms) to the job seeker/employee in each confirmed step.

[+] More details :

=> Both the job seekers and the employees can create an account (with admin/moderator approval).

=> Both the job seekers and the employees can edit their profiles.

=> Employees can create/edit a job (with admin/moderator approval).

=> Job seekers can list, view and apply to jobs.

=> Job seekers can opt-in to email/sms notifications when a new job is listed (based on their preferences).

=> Job seekers and employees can see their jobs and payment history

=> Admins can add/edit/delete pages

Please read the project’s description in full before placing your bid.


Skills: PHP, HTML, Website Design, Graphic Design, MySQL

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