Facility Manager | Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE by Delma Medical Center

• To ensure an effective operating system for hiring, promoting, rewarding, disciplining and terminating employees in accordance with established policies and procedures is in place.

• To ensure that all policies and procedures are in accord with UAE laws

• Responsible for the effective operation of Delma Center.

• To maintain an effective working relationship with all staffs, Physicians, medical center, and spa employees

• To ensure the promotion of the philosophy and values of the medical center and spa mission among all employees.

• To ensure that an effective operating system for the productive performance of all personnel through appropriate forms of employee professional development, the maintenance of written descriptions of all positions and the effective application of an employee appraisal system is in place.

• To ensure the presence and equitable application of personnel policies and procedures.

• To demonstrate the importance of continuing professional development by engaging in formal and informal means of continuing professional education.


• Responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of the medical center and spa the delegation of duties and the establishment of formal means of accountability.

• Ensures the effective delivery of high quality patient care.

• Ensures the operation of appropriate project and business development activities in accordance with the organizational policies.

• Responsible for the financial integrity of the operation of the medical center and spa

• Ensures that all contract issues are managed efficiently and effectively in accordance with the organizational policies.

• Ensures the effective operation of a quality improvement process for the center, including the periodic assessment of patient satisfaction.

• Ensures that all financial transactions are conducted in accordance with pertinent standards and legal requirements.

• Ensures that an annual audit is conducted and appropriate actions are taken in accordance with the findings.

• Ensures the maintenance and timely updating of operational procedures manuals.

• Ensures that effective communication is maintained with all departments.

• Ensures that safety of all employees, patients, physicians, guests, visitors and others is adequately addressed and protected.

• Participate in healthcare quality program and be member of quality committees if chosen.

• Participation in the organization’s quality improvement and safety activities

Public Relations

• Ensures that public relations programs are conducted effectively

• Responsible for the effective representation of the medical center and spa at appropriate public, civic and other organizational activities and meetings.

• Plays a leadership role in coordinating health care and wellness services in the medical center and spa service area.

• OHSMS to be followed up and documented.

• Ultimately responsible for overall OSH performance

• Establish a clear OSH Policy

• Allocate adequate resources for OSH Management (e.g. Budget, human resources, etc);

• Provide competent OSH resources to implement and maintain the OSHMS.

• Allocate at least Grade B OSH practitioner as defined in OSHAD-SF Mechanism 8.0 OSH practitioner registration.

• However, there should be a plan on upgrading the qualification of the practitioner to ensure his competent enough for the responsibility.

• Allocate responsibility for OSH Management and delegation of authority;

• Ensure implementation of the risk management programs

• Ensure the DMC has effective systems for the provision of OSH information, training and supervision;

• Ensure that the DMC have effective emergency procedures


8,000 to 8,500
per month inclusive of fixed allowances.

• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

• Preferred: Master Degree in Management or equivalent

• At least 3 years in similar position in Medical Center or similar organization

• Good communication Skills

• Flexible and open minded approach

• Good commitment and ability to make things happen

• Sound interpersonal relationship

Delma Medical Center is a premier patient-orientated center that is compassionate, convenient and committed to meeting the medical needs of the whole family. Equipped with the highest standards of medical technology, our exceptional team of consultants, specialists and staff are committed to providing personalized care in all our departments.

These departments include:
Dental and Orthodontics clinics
Venereology and Andrology clinics
Dermatology and Beauty clinics

Delma Medical Center aims to grant patients with comprehensive and personalized medical care. We endeavor to provide our services in a friendly, efficient and professional environment, while delivering premium healthcare solutions, which adhere to the highest standards of care and clinical excellence.

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