I am designer videos and photos | 360-degree video | Photo Editing | Video Post-editing | Video Editing

I am designer and youtuber

I will design the best video for you

and I will design the best photos for you

The duration of the video is 5 minutes to 10 minutes


I’ll design you ten dollars in 20 photos


10 dollars

The duration: from 5 to 10 minutes

the photos: twenty photos

Professional editing for all types of videos

I will design a wonderful and distinctive professional video for you, whether for your Facebook page, website, YouTube channel, advertising campaign for your companies, promoting your business, or simply a photo album in the form of a video documenting your memories, birthday, wedding or graduation party … etc. With the ability to add words to the montage.

Delivery time: one (4) hours

* The duration of the video is 10 minutes

* 760p video quality

* Simple additions as requested


* Distinguished introduction to the video

* Delivery time is two (8) hours

* The duration of the video is 20 minutes

* 1080p video quality

* Add-ons as requested

* Request to modify the video

* Request an additional (30) second video


Any problem with the video, I bear the responsibility

Skills: 360-degree video, Photo Editing, Video Post-editing, Video Editing

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