ICAI Extends Condonation Scheme to Regularize UDINs

ICAI extends Condonation UDINs

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) has prolonged the Condonation policy to make arrangement of UDINs now be generated till date 28th/02/2021.

According to the policy, with the credentials signed in between 1/02/2019 till 31/01/2021 from 31st Jan. 2021, the UDINs can be created.

Throughout the country, the requests have been placed by the practising Chartered Accountants commented ICAI Acting Secretary so to prolonged the time limit for the agreement within the UDIN need beneath Condonation policy as they will not take benefits of the policy because of various law compliances.

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Moreover, several members were beneath the idea that the UDINs can be created till 31st Jan. 2021 for the credentials given from 1st Jan. 2021 till 16th Jan. 2021.

Concern to the above-mentioned object it is used to say to the members that all the missed UDINs from 1st Feb. 2019 to 31st Jan. 2021 can be created up to 28th/02/2021 and this is to be taken as the prolongation of the Condonation Scheme stated before.

But it is to be remembered that for all the credentials signed from 1/02/2021 the real guidance of UDIN that is on a similar day or in 15 days will urge to get in compliance.

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