Individual consultant for Short Term Technical Assistance – Business Resilience and Rescue Plan at Sustainable Services Activity (SSA) implemented by Finance & Banking Consultants International (FinBi) – Cairo

Job Description

By the end of this assignment, the USAID SSA team should have a generic full business rescue and continuity plan framework and one business resilience and continuity plan for each of the six selected BDS partners.
The short-term technical assistance provider is expected to develop a Business Resiliency Framework and Business Continuity Plan for Egyptian Business Development Services (BDS) Providers and Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises post COVID-19 by completing the following tasks. Based on completion of the below tasks, the selected BDSs partners supported by USAID/SSA should each have solid plans, tools and practical mechanisms to counteract the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in particular and any other future crisis in general. After being trained on the business rescue plan development process and the respective relevant tools and mechanisms, the USAID SSA BDS partners should also have the capacity to support their MSMEs clients affected by the pandemic to survive and continue running their enterprises.Tasks:

  1. Identify general (for the BDS sector) and specific (for each BDS business model) key business operation gaps and high, medium and low risks for the current operations of maximum six BDS providers – identified by USAID SSA – in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and other potential common global and local business threats.
  2. Develop a comprehensive business resilience framework for each of the six selected BDS and a general business resilience framework and corresponding business continuity plan for other BDSs to adopt within their business and with their clients (the MSMEs). Each framework should include all necessary tools for implementation including but not limited to: process mapping, procedure manual, required resources, templates and other relevant tools and/or plan implementation component.
  3. Assess available online tools, applications and software available on the market to support the development, implementation and future follow up/update on the business resilience and continuity plan.
  4. Develop training material for BDS staff and selected USAID SSA staff on the business resilience framework and business rescue and continuity plan. The training should include a practice session that includes practical application and utilization of the toolkit on sample enterprises from various relevant sectors.
  5. Training BDS staff and selected USAID SSA staff on the business resilience framework and how to develop a business continuity and risk mitigation strategy for both the BDS providers and their served MSMEs clients.
  6. Developing a comprehensive business resilience diagnostic tool to be utilized by BDS advisors to assess the business resilience and risks for MSMEs with practical application guide. The toolkit to include but is not limited to relevant templates, process maps, recommendations for software and/or applications to support the development and implementation of a business resilience and continuity plan.
  7. Train BDS staff on how to coach their clients on utilizing the toolkit components to help MSMEs rescue, maintain and re-grow their enterprises. The coaching component should complement and support the training modules and align with them to provide a fully integrated business rescue mechanism for any MSME supported by USAID SSA supported BDSs.

This assignment is expected to be completed between March 1st and June 10th, 2021. This performance period includes a maximum LOE of 60 full working days for the consultant  STTA’s fees are expected to cover the cost of his/her time and technical expertise  In-Country travel and accommodation costs will be covered by USAID SSA in accordance with FinBi expense reimbursement policies and procedures.  Payment terms to be agreed upon in the contract upon agreement between the consultant Taxes will be deducted in accordance with the applicable Egyptian laws and regulations. 
Throughout the task performance period, the consultant will report directly to Hamed Ali, Team Lead for Financial and Non-Financial Services – USAID SSA.The Consultant is to provide, at identified dates, regular updates on activities performed to be sent by email to the identified USAID SSA supervisor(s). Reports and presentation will be provided according to templates to be provided by USAID SSA and all deliverables will be approved by the SSA supervisor(s). Interested applicants should submit the following documents with the subject of the consultancy to be sent by mail 1.      Curriculum Vieta (CV) of the consultant. 2.      List of assignments and client portfolios highlighting any relevant or similar experience to the technical aspects of this assignment.3.      At least three professional references within the last two years.4.      Proof document (Copy of Contract) of his recent consultancy daily rate.5.      Any other supporting documents to highlight relevant expertise and/or experience relevant to the specific nature of this assignment as per attached scope of work (SOW)
Deadline for submission any technical questions to SSA project will be February 22, 2021 and should be addressed with the subject of the consultancy

Submission Deadline is March 1, 2021. Proposals and CVs should be addressed with the subject of the consultancy to:



  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in finance, economics, business management, risk management and enterprise development and/or other relevant areas of expertise.
  • Solid proven experience in risk management and crisis management in private sector. Experience in public sector and/or government authorities is an asset.
  • At least 8 years’ experience in process mapping and procedure manual and workflow tool design and development

A minimum of 8 years’ experience in training and capacity building in similar fields.

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Cairo, Egypt

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Business Consultancy Services

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Employer (Private Sector)

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