Integrate non-NFC/Non-QR Code Payment API into a Mobile Wallet | Android | Mobile App Development | Java | Software Architecture | Full Stack Development

1. Typically, mobile Wallets facilitate payment via two types of technologies: NFC and QR Code.

2. We want our wallet to include a third payment option that is more efficient than NFC or QR Code.

3. The initial Proof of Concept/MVP will be to integrate our API for this third payment option into an existing Mobile Wallet, and successfully demonstrate device-to-device payment, without the need for an internet connection or a card reader/pos terminal.

4. The Payment workflow using the API will involve bidirectional exchange of credentials between the two devices involved in the payment.

4. We will supply the API and API documentation.

5. We have an open source Android Mobile Wallet in mind that we plan to use, but we’re open to suggestions.

In our minds, the technical work to achieve MVP will include:

1. Stand up the open source Android Mobile Wallet.

2. Familiarize yourself with the Mobile Wallet code.

3. Integrate our payment API into the Wallet by implementing the bidirectional payment workflow. This will require changes to expose the new Payment method in the UI, code change to implement the bidirectional communication logic and changes to the Mobile Wallet backend to write payments from the new payment method to be Db.

We will provide detailed specifications, workflows, mock ups and walkthroughs prior to commencing.

Skills: Android, Mobile App Development, Java, Software Architecture, Full Stack Development

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